Brankica (1961)

I am very happy with the diet regime Ana Petrović because I lost the extra pounds that I was creating health problems, I fear that due to the high Sečen do not use insuli no longer exists, as I was with this diet regime (I'm not saying diet) led his sugar to normal.

Ivana (1982)

Ana's approach is different and innovative. Diet is healthy and adapted to each individual, his health and living habits. Personally I prefer because they represented all foods and pripremnje recommended meal is quick and easy. I would recommend it because it is a healthy weight loss program, easy to comply and can be activated in the modern pace of life.

Milovan (1969)

I felt great during the diet and have continued to follow this diet because everything makes me feel absolutely good.

Ivana (1975)

I am very satisfied with this way of eating because not only look beautiful, but no more nervousness is not murder, I feel much, much better, and not a moment during the diet did not feel hunger nor is anything difficult.

Rada (1987)

My experience during the child really has no downside. Not at one point I was not hungry, nor was anything missing from foodstuffs. The body quickly got used to schedule meals and literally I warned me when to eat, like a timer. Many useful tips I learned during a child I forwarded further, the people around me. In addition, I learned nice recipes Tableware. I'm used to such a diet, so that now, when I'm on the maintenance of body weight, there is no need to eat something to me in the course of diet was forbidden (sweets, bread ...), and when you eat is not the same feeling as when pre I actually thought that I enjoy it. I recommend everyone who had a problem with body weight (surpluses and deficits), and those who do not have to turn to you to discover a new way of nutrition.

Petra (1994)

Do not wait for illness to knock on your door, you knock on the door of health.

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