Svetlana (1980)

Were it not for you and your primary professional, then and friendly attitude towards me and my health problem - obesity, I persevered in their struggle for health, happiness, look.

Jelena (1977)

What I can tell you that I have struggled for years with being overweight and that we from this distance all these years seem like a pat in the dark while coming to you and respect your recommendations for food was the right move and the light at the end of the tunnel. I never thought it would be "easy" downloaded fatty deposits that have accumulated over the years. The only thing that is really necessary is compliance with menus and other recommendations for letting me from week to week sent. During a child I learned a lot from you that, starting from the principles of healthy eating, meal preparation, and the method of combining groceries. It is interesting that during the baby, believe it or not, I was not really hungry so that not a moment I reached for the food that I was led to obesity.

Kaća (1987)

In addition to perceptible improvement of health, regulation of hormones that are now in complete normality, as well as a complete analysis of the blood that is perfect, restoring cycles in order and general good feeling and an increase in energy throughout the diet I.e. my diet and I can only  say for the future that I fully regenerated both physically and mentally. A big thank you!

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