High cholesterol

Increased cholesterol level seriously damages health and is one of the triggers of cardiovascular diseases. Badly balanced food is the main cause of the increase of bad cholesterol. Not eating enough fruit and vegetables and too much food of animal origin, which contains a high concentration of saturated fats, eventually leads to a disruption in the body. Prevention and proper balanced diet is one of the leading factors to fight and deter cholesterol. First of all, you should avoid the yolk (more than 2 per day) fatty meats, poultry skin, and full-fat dairy products. Natural and meat products such as pâté, sausages, hot dogs, all organ meats, caviar, butter, mayonnaise ... Intaking the so-called trans fats, which are mostly found in margarine, even in those who are diet, particularly dangerous, is also located in a number of confectionery industry, especially in biscuits.

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